BSU Facts

Bridgewater may encompass more than you realize – more subjects and programs, more resources and amenities, more history, more depth. Want to delve into the details about who chooses Bridgewater and why, what our campus is like, who teaches here and how we’ve evolved? You can start here.

1840 year founded
then 1 room in Town Hall basement
now 39 buildings 278 acres
10,998 undergraduate & graduate students (fall 2016)
more than 50,000 alumni
then 1840 27:1
now 2016 19:1
22 students average class size
MBTA icon we have our own T stop
95+ student clubs and organizations
97% full-time faculty holding doctorates or other terminal degrees
10th largest four-year college or university in Massachusetts
2,531 number of degrees awarded in 2016 (4th among all Massachusetts public institutions)
100% wireless campus

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BSU Factbook 2017-2018

Bridgewater State University Factbook, 2017-2018
The Factbook is a profile of Bridgewater State University - a snapshot of official census counts, taken four weeks into the Fall semester. The link below pertains to the most recent Factbook (Academic Year 2017-2018).

Factbook 2017-2018 - PDF Download

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