Dual Enrollment Program

An Advanced Academic Program For High School Juniors and Seniors

The Dual Enrollment Program allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college courses each Fall and Spring Semester (not summer or winter), and receive both college and high school credit (if approved by the high school). Courses at BSU will be offered to high school students at a reduced rate of $200.00 per 3 credit course and $100.00 per 1 credit course. Additional fees may apply for science labs.

This tuition may be waived for a finite number of students who are first-generation college attendees or who want to pursue careers in the sciences, math or technology. If we receive additional funds we will contact you directly about a tuition adjustment. If we do not contact then no additional funds have been appropriated and the EBill should be paid in full so a hold is not placed on the student account.


To qualify for BSU's Dual Enrollment Program, you must:

  1. Be a high school junior or senior
  2. *Have maintained a 3.0 Grade Point average or better in high school (*Students with a recalculated GPA of 2.50-2.99 will be considered on a case by case basis. Letter of recommendation from guidance counselor preferred.)
  3. Be recommended by high school principal, teacher or guidance counselor
  4. Have written approval from parent or guardian
  5. Students who have done poorly in a previous Dual Enrollment semester may not be eligible to participate.

For more information, contact your Guidance Counselor or Ashley O’Donnell, Dual Enrollment Coordinator at (508) 531-1237.

Fall 2019 Application Deadline: May 6, 2019 at 5pm

Please note: For students who are home schooled, please obtain high school approval by the Superintendent of your school district who approved your homeschool plan. We will still need a transcript for home schooled students.

Course Selection

Please consult our course search to access up to date course availability online:

  1. For Term, select Fall 2019
  2. For Credit Type, select Undergraduate
  3. For Campus, select Main Campus

You will then be able to search for classes based on subject

Dual Enrollment students are not eligible to take online or video based classes, or classes that require a pre-requisite they have not already completed. Placement testing may be required for certain foreign language classes. All students are required to complete Math & English placement testing regardless of course selection.

Please note: Course selection does not guarantee course availability.

Dual Enrollment students register for classes after all other matriculating students attending Bridgewater State University. All courses must be completed on campus. Dual students are not allowed to participate in web or hybrid courses.

Courses at 8am or later in the evening (after 3pm) tend to have the highest availability. It is recommended to not take any courses above the 200 level as students will not meet the pre-requisites for those classes. 100 level is considered freshmen level and 200 level sophomore level.

Examples of Courses taken by Dual Enrollment Students last semester include but are not limited to the following courses:

  • ARTH104 – Survey of Global Art 14C- Present
  • ARTS270 – Ceramics I
  • CHEM131/CHEM131L – Survey of Chemistry w/ Lab
  • COMD231 – Sign Language I
  • COMP143/COMP151 – Computer Science I w/ Peer Assistance
  • CRJU202 – Crime Theory
  • CRJU271 – Crime Victim Political Process
  • ENGL101/102 – Writing Rhetorically/ Writing Rhetorically w/Sources
  • HIST221/222 – US History/Const to 1865/ US History/Cons since 1865
  • MATH130 – Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH261 – Multivariable Calculus
  • PHIL111 – Foundations of Logical Reasoning
  • POLI172 – Intro to American Government
  • PSYC100 – Introductory Psychology
  • SCWK270 – Social Work/Issues of Diversity/Oppression
  • SOCI102 – Introduction to Sociology
  • THEA120 – Introduction to Acting

Application Instructions

The application should be completed and submitted directly to the Office of Admissions through your high school guidance office. Your application will not be considered complete until we receive the following:

  1. A completed application form (course selection(s) must be filled in). This includes the high school and parental approval.
  2. A copy of your high school transcript (with record of standardized test scores if available and if you wish to provide them).

Note: Students currently enrolled in a course must reapply every semester.


An orientation for Dual Enrollment students will be scheduled in August before the start of the Spring Semester. It typically will fall the Friday before the start of the term, however, selected students will be notified by email/mail of the orientation details.

During this required orientation you will learn about school polices and procedures, take a tour of campus, take a photograph for your student ID, and also complete course registration or, if the class(es) are not available, you will have the opportunity to register for other courses. Registration will take place for those students who were not able to be pre-seated. Please discuss this possibility in advance with your guidance counselor and parents and be prepared with other course options New Students that do not attend the orientation will not be able to keep their registration for pre-seated classes. Returning students will not be required to attend unless they need assistance completing course registrations.


Payment is now done by an EBill. Information on how to access and pay the EBill will be given to students at orientation. Classes cannot be prepaid.