Registration Information

Registration for enrolled students

Registration information for currently enrolled students is available at the Registrar site

Registration for not currently enrolled students

Students who were previously enrolled as undergraduate or non-degree students and who have not yet earned a bachelor's degree must complete an Undergraduate Reinstatement application online. Similarly, students who wish to resume their graduate or postbaccalaureate program, or returning non-degree students with an earned bachelor's degree must complete a Graduate Reinstatement application online. Links to these applications are available at the bottom of this page. If you have not already done so, you will need to create an account to log into the system. Admissions will provide initial information regarding registration and how to claim a Bridgewater student account.

Registration for new non-degree students

Anyone wishing to take a course as a non-degree undergraduate student and who has never enrolled before must complete a Non-Degree Student Application. Students who have earned a bachelor's degree should complete a Graduate Non-Degree Application while students who have completed high school or earned a GED but who have not yet earned a bachelor's degree should complete an Undergraduate Non-Degree Application.

All questions regarding registration should be sent to

Questions regarding billing or payments should be sent to