Cost and Aid

Students in front of Bloomberg terminal

The agreement informs students of the financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes and explains the potential consequences that may be taken if a student fails to meet those obligations. The agreement must be completed every semester.

Ready for the Semester?

An important checklist for new and returning students.

Health Insurance

All students taking 9 or more undergraduate credits or 7 or more graduate credits are required to have comparable health insurance.  Students are billed for  insurance via eBill and must waive or enroll in the student health insurance every year by the bill due date.

IRS Form 1098-T

In January each year Bridgewater State University will issue a Form 1098-T to each qualifying student indicating the amount charged by the University for Qualified Tuition and related expenses during the previous calendar year, along with additional required information.

Military Benefits

Each semester students must fill out the Military Education Benefits Form to acknowledge use of military benefits.